Privacy Policy

RightCO is a brand of NTW Web Technology, LDA (RightCO) and respects the privacy of our users. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) describes our privacy practices concerning information collected in connection with RightCO’s payment, verification, and related online services, including RightCO SaaS Services (the “Services”).
RightCO makes the Services available to third parties for integration into those third parties’ websites, applications, and online services.
RightCO collects, uses, and discloses individual users’ information only as directed by these third parties and, accordingly, RightCO is a mere processor of user information with respect to the Services and not a controller. Further, some features of the Services may be disabled or altered by the data controller, or the controller may require RightCO to collect, use, disclose, or otherwise process data in ways that differ from those described below.

Thus, to fully understand how your information will be handled when you use the Services, you must review not just this Policy, but also the privacy policy of the third party with whom you are dealing directly (the “Third-Party Data Controller”).

Notwithstanding the above, RightCO may process certain individual users’ information in anonymized form for its own purposes.

RightCO is headquartered in Portugal at difício Clube Náutico, Senhora de Santana 7580-309 Alcácer do Sal, Portugal.

What personal and other information RightCO could collects about you
RightCO could collects “personal information” about users of the Services. “Personal information” is information such as a name, email address, or identification ID, which refers to an identified or identifiable person. RightCO processes personal information on behalf of the Third-Party Data Controller. For its own purposes, RightCO processes only anonymized information. “Anonymized information” is information which does not relate to an identified or identifiable person or is rendered anonymous in such a manner that the person is no longer identifiable.

Personal information. RightCO collects a wide range of personal information through the Services. This information varies depending on the RightCO application and the Third-Party Data Controller in question, but may include such information as name, physical address, email address, telephone number, state or national ID card number, other ID card number, credit or debit card number, CVV, expiration date, and/or date of birth. In some cases, utility bill, bank account statement, or credit/debit card.

Data provided by third parties. We may receive personal or anonymized information about you from the Third-Party Data Controller that integrates the Services into its website, application, or other online service. This information includes a customer ID, selected by the Third-Party Data Controller, that uniquely identifies you in the third party’s database. For additional information, review the privacy policy of the Third-Party Data Controller.

At the direction of the Third-Party Data Controller, RightCO also might obtain information about you from other third parties, such as consumer reporting agencies and fraud-prevention services.

Cookies and other tracking data. When you use the Services, we automatically receive and record certain information from your computer (or other device) and/or your web browser. This may include such information as the third-party website or application into which the Services are integrated, the date and time that you use the Services, your IP address and domain name, your software and hardware attributes (including operating system, device model, and hashed device fingerprint information), and your general geographic location (e.g., your city, state, or metropolitan region). We will process such data only as instructed by the Third-Party Data Controller.